About Us

JP Willman Realty combines the best mentorship available anywhere with a focus on digital marketing and an extremely competitive economic model. We know how important it is to be surrounded by driven individuals, so we support a company culture that encourages initiative and innovation, which leads to achieving at the highest levels.

We value your success: our top priority is you and your business.

We care about your success.

JP Willman Realty started when Josh Pomerleau noticed gaps in the training and mentorship provided by existing brokerages. Both beginning and advanced agents were hitting a wall, and they needed the right guidance to take them to the next level. Leveraging his experience as the head of a top-producing team, Josh partnered up with Sarah Pomerleau, Bryan McWhite and Josh Champ to create a brokerage with a unique partner-based approach.

Welcome to the most agent-centric brokerage.

Accelerate Your Business

Start with mentorship from professionals who have a proven track record of success. Craft a compelling digital marketing strategy to engage with your sphere & beyond. Build on a generous economic model that supports the long-term flourishing of your business.


Classes = knowledge

Mentorship = guidance

1-on-1 mentorship with coaches who have consistently been regional and national leaders in real estate production.

Agent Mastery meetings, essential classes, training videos, agent services staff

Digital Marketing

Tell your story.

The shift to digital is a huge opportunity to make positive impressions and cultivate relationships. We partner with you to help accomplish your most worthwhile activities, while allowing you to focus more on what you do best: real estate.

Video production, social media promotion, newsletters, blog, monthly reports

Agent BASE

Like the Genius Bar®, but for real estate.

The Agent BASE is a dedicated space geared to provide support for the nuts and bolts of real estate, so agents can execute quickly and focus on using their strengths to grow their business.


Economic Model

Grow with us.

Our economic model includes extremely competitive caps and an Agent Share program that rewards you for helping to grow the company.  After about 4 transactions, you can earn 100% gross commision!

All splits are capped after 4 transactions, based on a $270,000 average sales price.

Home to Great Stories

Hear what our agents have to say

This was the right mentorship and support that I needed to really boost my career.

My real estate career has changed so dramatically since I switched to JPW….when I’m in a bind, and I need an answer, I can just feel comfortable knowing that somebody will be there to help me get that answer so I can look professional and responsible to my clients within a timely manner. It’s been huge.

…It’s just amazing to see the amount of people who come in, and they bounce ideas off of each other, and it’s truly been a total game changer for me and my career.

Lisa Stroud

A win for one agent is a win for the whole brokerage—and I think that’s super unique.

Sometimes it’s that one single transaction: that’s what matters right now for that agent at that moment. So I think having a brokerage and a support group that is going to dial in and help you with that one transaction at that time is so crucial to success because that’s one transaction one day, then another different day and it all adds up. And that’s what creates the overall success.

Ben Troxel

They made me feel more at home than any other brokerage that I have talked to or ever stepped foot in.

I’ve gained an instant brokerage family that I just felt like I was lacking at other places. Whether you’re advanced and you know all the answers or if you’re kind of on the struggle bus, you’re always going to have somebody there to help you. A lot of people overlook that…in this industry, they always see what’s on the surface of things, but they don’t really see what’s going on in the agent.

Steph Schmitz
JP Willman Agent Since 2018

I joined for the mentorship, and because I also want to be around the people that are best in the business.

There was a small but great community here and I just wanted to be around it. It’s important to be around those that can push you and also share the same common values and perspectives you do. I feel like together we can get better and if we all belong to the same culture, we have a place of belonging.

Dylan Maitland
JP Willman Agent Since 2016

I wanted to be an independent agent, but I also wanted to get coaching and mentorship as if I were on a team.

I knew that I would be joining the best. To be surrounded by talent daily, not only with the marketing and IT, but other agents—to hear other people’s conversations, to be with people who aren’t closed doors. To know that you are with an advanced company that is always going to keep up with the times and know what’s going to be happening in the future and even be in front of it.

Devin Thorson
JP Willman Agent Since 2017