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What’s different about us?  JP Willman gives you the opportunity to learn how to build a team from a team that has actually done it successfully and at a high level.  Talk to other brokers and look at their experience… have they ever built a team?  You are the average of who you surround yourself with.

At JP Willman realty, you will learn from successful agents like Bryan McWhite, who personally sold 100 homes in a year and rarely took a single appointment on the weekend.

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JP Willman Realty is the first team-centered brokerage of it's kind

At JP Willman, we believe that the key is mentorship from professionals who have reached those high levels of success. Our brokerage takes a unique partner-based approach and focuses on guiding our agents and giving them the best training possible so that they can achieve more, gaining unlimited opportunity. Through this mentorship, an agent can gain the vision needed to get to where they want to go, as well as develop their individual talents and strengths.