Shay Hensley



Shay grew up at a small, four season ski resort, located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. As a kid, she enjoyed working alongside her father, who owned a residential construction company that built custom homes. Growing up around construction, she learned all she could about the home building process from the footers to the rafters. Even the building inspectors and contractors on the job were always willing to teach her a thing or two, as she would walk around with her tool belt on, just waiting to hammer a nail, mix cement, strike the concrete blocks, use the brake for the aluminum trim or better yet, use the nail gun. But her favorite part was helping pick out the finishing touches that go inside a home, like paint colors, light fixtures, types of crown moulding, and cabinetry which made each house feel more like a home. She had a true eye for detail.

Her father joked around that he thought she would become an architect and her older sister Kris, would become a real estate agent, for an all encompassing family business. Sadly though, he passed away of a sudden heart attack at the early age of 51, when Shay was in her early 20s.

But this didn’t stop Shay or her sister. They finished building the house their father was building at the time, by subcontracting the rest of the work. And that house still remains as one of the most beautiful homes at the foot of the mountain, at the ski resort. Proudly, her sister Kris owns this home, which will remain in the family forever.

Before becoming a REALTOR in Minnesota, Shay followed her dreams helping people be as healthy as they could, and teaching others about being “heart” healthy. She received the prestigious Certificate from International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching, was certified as a Sports Nutrition Specialist, and also held two certifications as a personal trainer. Wanting to expand her reach, she used her studies in business management and has since managed two fitness centers as well as managed several law firm offices.

She has volunteered her time to elementary school students, teaching fun fitness classes, became an independent corporate personal trainer for employees at MERCK Pharmaceuticals in Virginia, and has been featured on the radio station Q101 as the expert on family fitness and motivation. She also shared her expertise of fitness and nutrition in a newspaper monthly column for two years that distributed 40,000 copies each month.

Continuing on her journey to help others in life, she started looking into being a real estate sales professional in 2009. Now that she has found her “home” with KLRE, she is excited to continue helping others find their dream home. She can help ensure you find the best place that fits your needs and wants. Then, all you have to do is fill it with love!

In her spare time, if the weather is nice, you can find Dan & Shay on their Harley, out on a hike or out on one of the 10,000 lakes!. She is always smiling and loves to see the bright side of things in life. “Dreams do come true,” she says.