Cooper Buss

Digital Marketing Director

Cooper Buss leads Digital Marketing for JP Willman Realty Twin Cities.


He focuses on helping agents reach their sphere of influence by building tools, processes, and leading trainings that make marketing easier and more effective for agents to close more business.


Cooper, a self proclaimed Digital Marketing Ninja, has a scrappy and pragmatic approach to marketing, rooted in his training as an economist.


Cooper graduated from Carleton College with a Bachelors in Economics. 


Prior to joining JP Willman Realty as the Director of Digital Marketing, he worked at Target Corp, launched a headphone startup, built a marketing agency from $0 to $6 million in ARR, and consulted with C level leaders from 100+ companies to develop new marketing and revenue growth strategies.


You might find him baking bread, playing board games, and making adventurous cocktails, often at the same time. He loves traveling to the North Shore and spending time with his family. Most of all he is a voracious learner. If you ever want to discuss philosophy or theology, he is your man.